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Silk Tree (Albizia julibrissin)
foliage and blossoms
Scientific classification

About 150 species

Albizia is a genus of about 150 species of mostly fast-growing subtropical and tropical trees and shrubs in the subfamily Mimosoideae of the legume family Fabaceae. The genus is pantropical, occurring in Asia, Africa, Madagascar, Central, South, and southern North America and Australia, but mostly in the Old World tropics.

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Albizia lebbeck (habit)
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Albizia lebbeck (leaves and fruit)

These are usually small trees or shrubs with a short lifespan. The leaves are pinnate or bipinnate. Their small flowers are in bundles, with showy stamens much longer than the petals. Some are considered weeds.

One species Albizia julibrissin, the Silk Tree or Pink Siris, extends well north into temperate regions in east Asia and is by far the cold-hardiest species, tolerating temperatures down to about -30°C, provided it gets adequate summer heat to ripen the shoots. In North America, where it is commonly grown as an ornamental tree, it is often confusingly called "mimosa", a name which correctly belongs to Mimosa pudica and other species in the related genus Mimosa; in several US States it seeds itself very freely and is becoming regarded as an invasive species.

Albizia moluccana is a common shade tree on tea plantations.


  • Albizia acle (syn. Mimosa acle): Acle, Akle
  • Albizia adinocephala (syn. Pithecellobium adinocephalum): Cream Albizia.
  • Albizia berteriana (syn. Acacia berteriana): Bertero Albizia
  • Albizia carbonaria: Naked Albizia, Siristree Albizia; Cotton Varay, Siris Tree
  • Albizia chinensis (syn. Mimosa chinensis): Chinese Albizia
  • Albizia ferruginea: Albizia, musase
  • Albizia julibrissin: Pink Siris, Silk Tree
  • Albizia kalkora (syn. Mimosa kalkora): Kalkora Mimosa
  • Albizia lebbeck: Siris, Woman's-tongue Tree
  • Albizia lebbekoides: Indian Albizia
  • Albizia moluccana:
  • Albizia multiflora: Silk Tree, Guanacaste, Monkey's Earring
  • Albizia niopoides (syn. Pithecellobium niopoides): Tantakayo Albizia
  • Albizia odoratissima (syn. Mimosa odoratissima): Albizia
  • Albizia procera: Tall Albizia
  • Albizia saman (syn. Pithecellobium saman): Rain Tree
  • Albizia saponaria: Whiteflower Albizia.
  • Albizia sinaloensis: Sinaloan Albizia
  • Albizia tomentosa (syn. Pithecellobium tomentosum): Tomentose Albizzia
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Albizia julibrissin
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Albizia lophanta
  • Albizia acrodena, Albizia amaniensis, Albizia amara, Albizia amoenissima, Albizia androyensis, Albizia angolensis, Albizia angulata, Albizia anthelmintica, Albizia antunesiana,Albizia arenicola, Albizia arunachalensis, Albizia atakataka, Albizia austrobrasilica, Albizia aylmeri, Albizia balabaka, Albizia barinensis, Albizia basaltica, Albizia bequaerti, Albizia bernieri, Albizia boinensis, Albizia boivini, Albizia boromoensis, Albizia brachycalyx, Albizia bracteata, Albizia brevifolia, Albizia brownii, Albizia bubalina, Albizia buntingii, Albizia burkartiana, Albizia burmanica, Albizia calcarea, Albizia callistemon, Albizia cambodiana, Albizia canescens, Albizia carbonaria, Albizia carrii, Albizia charpentieri, Albizia chevalieri, Albizia clypearia, Albizia commiphoroides, Albizia comptonii, Albizia conjugato-pinnata, Albizia corbisieri, Albizia coreana, Albizia coriaria, Albizia crassiramea, Albizia croizatiana, Albizia deplanchei, Albizia divaricata, Albizia dubia, Albizia duclouxii, Albizia ealaensis, Albizia eggelingii, Albizia elegans, Albizia elliptica, Albizia eriorhachys, Albizia esquirolii, Albizia euryphylla, Albizia evansii, Albizia eymae,Albizia fasciculata, Albizia fastigiata, Albizia ferruginea, Albizia flamignii, Albizia flavovirens, Albizia forbesii, Albizia fournieri, Albizia fulgens, Albizia fulva, Albizia gamblei, Albizia garrettii, Albizia gigantea, Albizia gillardinii, Albizia glaberrima, Albizia glabrescens, Albizia glomeriflora, Albizia gracilifolia, Albizia grandibracteata, Albizia granulosa, Albizia guillainii, Albizia harveyi, Albizia henryi, Albizia heterophylla, Albizia hummeliana, Albizia hummeliana, Albizia jaubertiana, Albizia jiringa, Albizia katangensis, Albizia kostermansii, Albizia lancangensis, Albizia lankaensis, Albizia laotica, Albizia latbamii, Albizia laui, Albizia laurentii, Albizia leonardii, Albizia le-testui, Albizia leptophylla, Albizia littoralis, Albizia longepedunculata, Albizia longipes, Albizia lophantha, Albizia lucida, Albizia lucyi, Albizia lugardi, Albizia macrophylla, Albizia macrothyrsa, Albizia magallanensis, Albizia mahalao, Albizia mainaea, Albizia malacocarpa, Albizia maranguensis, Albizia marthae, Albizia masikororum, Albizia mearnsi, Albizia megaladenia, Albizia melanesica, Albizia milleti, Albizia minahassae, Albizia minyi, Albizia monilifera, Albizia montana, Albizia morombensis, Albizia mossambicensis, Albizia mossamedensis, Albizia myriantha, Albizia myriophylla, Albizia nayaritensis, Albizia neumanniana, Albizia nicoyana, Albizia numidarum, Albizia nyasica, Albizia obliqua, Albizia obliquifoliata, Albizia obovata, Albizia odorata, Albizia oliveri, Albizia orissensis, Albizia ortegae, Albizia pallida, Albizia papuana, Albizia parvifolia, Albizia passargei, Albizia pedicellata, Albizia pentzkeana, Albizia perrieri, Albizia petersiana, Albizia philippinensis, Albizia plurijuga, Albizia poilanei, Albizia poissoni, Albizia polyphylla, Albizia pospischilii, Albizia purpurea, Albizia purpusii, Albizia quartiniana, Albizia ramiflora, Albizia retusa, Albizia rhodesica, Albizia richardiana, Albizia rogersii, Albizia rosea, Albizia rubiginosa, Albizia rufa, Albizia sahafariensis, Albizia salajeriana, Albizia salomonensis, Albizia sassa, Albizia scandens, Albizia schimperiana, Albizia schlechteri, Albizia sherriffii, Albizia sikharamensis, Albizia simeonis, Albizia splendens, Albizia stipulata, Albizia struthiophylla, Albizia subfalcata, Albizia suluensis, Albizia sumatrana, Albizia sutherlandi, Albizia tanganyicensis, Albizia tanganyicensis ssp. adamsoniorum, Albizia tengerensis, Albizia teysmanni, Albizia thorelii, Albizia thozetiana, Albizia tomentella, Albizia tomentella var. rotundata, Albizia tomentella var. sumbawaensis, Albizia trichopetala, Albizia tulearensis, Albizia turgida, Albizia umbalusiana, Albizia vaughanii, Albizia vernayana, Albizia verrucosa, Albizia versicolor, Albizia vialeana, Albizia viridis, Albizia warneckei, Albizia welwitschii, Albizia welwitschioides, Albizia westerhuisii, Albizia yunnanensis, Albizia zimmermannii.

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